Thursday, September 15, 2011

......The Wilderness of Wisconsin

On Highway 61 Revisited, the three of us visited the wilds of Wisconsin inside the Cabela's Outlet in Prarie du Chien, Wisconsin.  (Photo Above). We also visited the Cathedral of St. Paul. (Photo Below)

Cabela's was crowded, and the cathedral was not.  Weekday, I guess...

We also explored the hidden caves of Potosi. In them we discovered a secret cache of ale--an ale that embodied the wildness and energy of the  Wisconsin Wilderness with the structure and symmetry of the Cathedral of Saint Paul, integrating our earlier experiences on Highway 61 in an unexpectedly satisfying  manner. This brew blended both the bitter and the sweet into a foamy amber fusion that both excited and and satisfied (Mysterium Coniunctionis) in a way  that few of man's lesser creations can.  (Photo Below)

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