Sunday, September 4, 2011


As some of my faithful readers and friends know, I have vowed never to publish in paper, for reasons that are beyond the scope of this blog post. Just last month, more e-books were sold than paper books. Paper books will be specialty items for collectors and only a few hyper best sellers will be available at a consumer price or at the airport gift shop. The only bookstores will be used book stores and high end boutiques with limited collector editions of new books.  I am talking 3 to 5 years from now, not 10.

But I am drifting off topic. I got my first e book reader last week.  It is a Kindle 6".  I bought it not because it is the best e reader but because it is hooked into Amazon, which right now, is THE only place to buy e books for depth and breadth of selection.  It is superior in every way to a paper book for usability, readability and convenience, but totally lacking in charm.  No smell, no delightful color cover, no tactile pleasure... It is the modern world exemplified a little grey 6 ounce package--efficient and useful, but lacking in character. With an e reader, the charm and character will have to come from the author's words themselves and not how they are packaged.

Modern e readers, except the I-pad are passive devices that emit no light. You need a reading light to read "digital ink" type e-readers. They work fine in full sunlight and do not fatigue the eyes. The font size and type and spacing are selectable.  They are damned cool. They even remember your place and let you underline and bookmark stuff. Did I say "damned cool"?

You can also read e-books (MY E-BOOKS, PLEASE), on your laptop by getting a free software download from Amazon/Kindle called Kindle for Mac and Kindle for PC. They are great little apps--very versatile, but I find my little 6" Kindle a much friendlier tool than my laptop.  Amazon/Kindle also has apps for iPhones, and Androids and iPads too, I believe. The WiHi read all three Streig Larson books on her Android--not a passive screen and a bit small for my taste, but she is an amazing woman.

And on that note I end.  Amazing woman, indeed...

Feel free to contact me, if you want advice on how to read my e-books (available on every major retail book site to serve all current brands of e readers).

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