Thursday, September 15, 2011


Moline, Illinois, home of the John Deere company, formerly the Waterloo Boy Gasoline Engine Company was the first stop on our trek to New Orleans on Highway 61 (Revisited).  There were tours of school kids sitting on the floor of the Deere Pavilion listening attentively to the slick, but folksy, company interpreters telling them about the challenges the Deere Company faces in building more modern and more efficient agricultural equipment to meet the nutritional needs of a growing world population, amid the showroom full of shiny new green steel beasts.

Tomorrow morning we will visit the 11th Century Native American City of Cahokia, which in its time was  larger than London, England, only to disappear for no known reason. It was an agricultural community.

And for no known reason someone stuck a Vietnam-era Huey Gunship out in a corn field in southern Iowa. (photo below). It reminds me (and should remind you) that my major new novel, Surfing Vietnam, is now available on my sales site and will be on Amazon Kindle and many other retail e-book sales sites tomorrow or the next day,

Photos of Cahokia tomorrow! 

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  1. There are no photos of Cahokia tomorrow, or anywhere else. maybe you can get some from Carl.