Wednesday, September 7, 2011

FIRST KISS--Deconstructing the writing process

Follow along.  I'll supply numbers to make it easier.
#1.  I heard a CBC Radio One documentary soundscape on "the first kiss".
# 2. I enjoyed my first kiss with a woman recently.
#3. I re-encountered a woman on Facebook with whom I shared my first  first kiss at the age of 8.
#4. I had an experience recently connected to my writing (the nominal subject of this blog) that thrilled me like a first kiss; I sold my first books on Amazon this week--even some in England!
#5 I saw a Woody Allen film last night the subject of which was making a film. It was called Melinda and Melinda. 

It was #1 through #4 that gave me the idea of what to write in this blog and also supplied the material about which to write.  But it was #5, the film about making a film, that gave me the blueprint of how to build this blog.

Books about writing books (my second novel, How to Kill Your Wife, is about writing a book), films about making films and songs about writing songs are well known to all of us. Bogging about blog writing seemed an easy and fun way to present and connect the ideas in #1 through 4.

So there you have it:  Idea+Content+Structure= Blog (or novel or short story or song etc.)

I enjoyed my recent first kiss more than that first first kiss many decades ago.  When I was 8, I used to stick my tongue out at girls and not in them.  "In" is far better.

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