Friday, October 15, 2010

Today I looked at 490 of another person's photos and did a first round elimination and got them down to a more reasonable number.  I think there is a book somehow somewhere in this bunch of photos.  I think the first and best way to pitch it is to make a small sample book and shop it around.

The photography is serious.  Not always sombre by any means, but photography that is serious even when it is being light-hearted or seemingly frivolous.  The humour is more in the vein of whistling-past-the- graveyard humour than of unvarnished gayety.  And the serious is photographs are brutal, stark and in-your-face.  This collection features portraits done on the street that are literally in the face of the subject person--taken a foot away from the face with a wide or normal lens.

If Robert Frank and W. Eugene Smith and Weegee and Diane Arbus were working in Kitchener/Wateroo with a tiny digital camera, this is what the photos would look like.  Except this photographer has not studied the work of these people and copied it, but is a natural talent devoid of visual references and visual vanities or prejudices.  She uses Photoshop, but never to bad effect and never in the service of lying.  The photography is not 100% straight, but the intent is 100% straight and honest.

After looking at those photos I took this:
I think this is a happy photo.

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