Monday, October 25, 2010


Most professional photographers whether engaged in art or commerce, when they do their own "personal work" are probably doing a good job of photographing the insides of their heads in time-sections sliced from the scroll of the omnipresent fantasy that is moving across their eyes like a player piano roll that is belting out the tune that is the AHRtist's life song.

But it is not that cut and dried. AHRtists are not just painting the world to our own specification (making art) but we are being subject to the lucky accidents that a person living in a particular state of awareness runs across by being in that state of awareness and grace that is akin to a special room where AHRtists can go that others can not or will not go.  The accidents are a gift, unearned--a gift that elucidates a particular problem with the WORK that can now be addressed because of that "accident".

Accident" is a much less pretentious word than "Revelation!" I like the word "accident.  As opposed to inspiration (to be filled with the spirit) or the aforementioned "R" word. Mystery does not need to be embroidered with a spiritual dimension, to be any less mysterious. And accidents are that mystery.  There is no particular reason one person gets cancer and another does not.  Oh, a bad attitude can increase your risk for a few kinds of cancers a few percent, but we  DO NOT run the universe or even understand spit about it.

Be not proud of your art; that is a gift, unearned.  Be proud of your determination and courage to continue working.

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  1. I think the room where ARTists go can be better characterized as a labyrinth of many halls, doors and rooms. The accidents you refer to are indeed gifts. However, good accidents are more likely in the "rooms" that have been arrived at by exploring many dead ends, further rooms, and hidden doors. That is the difference between the new and old artist, although a novice may stumble into a great room or an old pro may go to a great room ( IE Toronto ) and realise that there are only good photos there. The work is in exploring rooms as well as the work that begins once the image is found. As the sportscaster Howard Cosel used to say " Luck is the reside of hard work"
    Art Kunstler