Sunday, October 9, 2011


My latest book is done--edited, cover designed, blurb almost finished and ready for translation into MOBI and ePub on Monday.  For sale soon on all popular retail on-line sales sites...!!

This book is the second (of three planned ) in the Max and Molly Murder Mystery Series. In this second book, we get further glimpses into the private lives, of M and M, rounding out their characters and making us care about them. The writing is taking on the character of a "buddy series" than a police procedural. This is good--good for me as a writer and good for the reader.  The characters themselves are demanding this.  I created such quirky personalities in the first book that it would be unusual if they did not demand to be heard in their own voices in the second. I shudder and also am excited to think what these characters will do in the third book.  Stay tuned.

We are social animals. The strongest and best writing is about relationships and not about clever plot and cunningly designed language. Language and plot are there to underscore and amplify the truth of the social interaction in the work.

Oh, yeah, sex.... Molly has some graphic sex scenes in this second book. Hey, it was her idea, not mine. Max wanted me to leave them out.

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