Monday, October 10, 2011


I finally received  some reviews of the above three books on the Amazon/Kindle site. The reviews run the gamut from raves to rants. But something has happened to my brain, without my willing it to happen.  I did not rage against the bad ones or even feel hurt by them; I learned something from them and really appreciated getting them--yes, I am talking about the bad ones.

Now, doing my writerly navel gazing, I wonder if my taking bad reviews with grace means I have finally matured in my 6th decade.  If that were provably so, it would worry me no end. That kind of knowledge could send me into a state of anomie from which I might never recover.

 Then I remembered talking to a woman who was taking hormone replacement .She told me there is testosterone in the mix she uses. That triggered my thinging that my placid acceptance of criticism and even  (horrors (!)) learning from it, might just be due to a lack of testosterone caused by aging.  That might also explain why I have been making so few enemies in the past few years. 

If you wish to review my books, search my name "James Hockings" on Kindle. Of course it would help to read them first. (hint, hint)

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