Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Getting It Up and Keeping It Up

When I began writing as a career few years ago, all my friends and associates were awed to be in the company of a writer.  They wanted to know plots. They wanted me to do readings. They wanted copies of chapters. 

The bloom is off the local fame rose now.  Few of my friends and associates have any idea of which book I am writing now, which book I am editing now or which I am publishing now. When I am forced to change the topic of conversation to writing when I am with them, they feel compelled to change it back to something (anything!) else very quickly. 

The motivation to sit down and write now must come from within. The friends have f_cked off and the money has not come in yet.  What powers me to get it up to write every day and to keep it up is INTRINSIC MOTIVATION, as opposed to that other more fleeting kind--extrinsic motivation. 

Although, I must say, I have met a woman recently who seems, initially at least, to be interested in reading and writing. That's kinda thrilling.  

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