Thursday, August 25, 2011


Image courtesy of renjith krishnan

I know who dunnit and I know how he dunnit and I know why he dunnit and I know who catches him, but I don't know how my wily detective duo catches him (or her)--what mistake has this evil-doer made that will lead my intrepid team to bring him to justice. This is where a good sit-down bull session with one of my kind coconspirators comes in.

Now kids, adult substances are not at all helpful to anyone in any creative endeavor, they produce torpor and a false sense of awareness, but they are often useful as lubricant in a brainstorming session that can solve problems that come up in the plotting of a book or movie. Writing is a lonely pursuit, but coconspirators can lead the way out of a corner that the writer's plotting has painted him into. (Yes, I am aware of that grammatical mistake, Catherine ((my editor)).

And sometimes it's just nice to have a beer with a buddy. Burp...

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