Monday, August 22, 2011


I am gong to pitch a New York agent today, before the sun goes down, to take Surfing Vietnam.  In my old office I had the walls papered with rejections. In my new office, they reside in a drawer.  I resolved to never again try to bust into the world of dead tree publishing and to only self-publish e-books--more money, more freedom, less bullshit.

My thinking has changed, but only as far as SV is concerned. SV is literature, damnit!  And important literature--literature with a heart, a soul and a conscience...For that reason, I think it will be a long hard sell in the "e world". My detective series will sell and so will How to Kill Your Wife, if only for the title. But I have had friends and advisors tell me I should attempt to have SV scrivened  upon a dead tree, and so I shall try once again. They think it deserves the vainglorious prestige only a book with the imprimatur of a major NY publishing house.can have.

Best to the WiHi, who promises to follow this blog after first reading some of it this morning. If she and thee wish to gaze into my navel with me every day,  I can only thank you, hope you read my books and comment once in a while, as you deem appropriate.

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