Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Dire Straits sang "Money for nothing and your chicks for free." Well, I don't know about the chicks, since I got me one good one already, but all the marketing gurus who are selling loads of e books on the net are telling' me that the way to jump start sales of a book is to occasionally offer your book for free. Since Amazon/Kindle is the big player in e books (most authors make 90% of their sales on this one site) you must find a way to list your books for free.

Amazon does not allow this as a matter of course. They are in the business of selling and taking a cut. The cut of nutting' is nuttin'.  There are ways to fool the giant into listing your books for free, but these methods are hit and miss.  Now Kindle has put together a program that allows authors to offer 5 days of a free book offering every 90 days (with lots of restrictions for the author).  I have enrolled all my books in this program and am starting the free offers with my book How to Photograph Children.

Cutting to the chase: Starting tomorrow January 18, and for four days thereafter, you will be able to download my short short book called How to Photograph Children for free by clicking on this link that takes you to my Amazon Author Page and from there downloading this book for free is easy. Please leave a review of it on Amazon if you like it or send the link to someone with children who might love a short article on how to do great child photography with little equipment and no technical mumbo jumbo. The tiny book is light reading, to-the-point and just wisecracking fun.

I will be hugely interested to see how it goes with this first attempt at going free on Kindle. I need something to jump start the sales of my longer and more serious work and this is my trial ballon.

Wish me luck,or better yet, help me give away this informative and whacky little book on child photography by sharing links and giving me an Amazon review.

Thank you!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Yep, that’s what happened—the gators ate my blogs.  That’s why I haven’t posted in a while.

On the road in Florida, not rooted and routined, I have not been able to write, edit, or work on my audio book.  I need a boring life to do exciting things, I guess.

I have been doing some photography, but unlike writing, photography is no challenge. Without exaggerating, I can do five or ten framable and exhibitable images per day, but who gives a shit? No one will pay me for them. No one will exhibit them. Hell, I would be lucky to make more than a buck or two a year putting up a hundred images as stock photography. I have fifty stock images up now and have not made one sale in a whole year. Simply, no one gives a shit; the site I am on has 17 million images—all of them pro quality. 17 million…

I feel guilty about lamenting. I am not starving, or homeless or ill—just underpaid and most of all unloved for the work I am capable of doing in photography and literature. Last month, with five books up on 30 retail sites, properly priced and professionally packaged, and a reasonable presence on BookRoooster, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, this blog, and handing out “author cards”, I sold three books for a total of under $5 in billings. Granted, two of the books are literary fiction and hard to move on-line, but two are detective genre fiction and one is a how-to article, and should be saleable.

The next marketing push is putting up free serialized audio books on iTunes and Podiobooks of the detective series. I am also going to try Kindle Select to get some action on the literary fiction. It can’t hurt to make them exclusive to Kindle for 90 days and see what happens. If those things do not work to overcome my problem of anonymity as an author, I wonder where to go next—into the job market at my age-- pumping gas, as the previous administration suggested to me as a solution to my income situation…

This is a “poor me” post, and I hate to post it, but in the mood I am in, I am sure not many will take the time to read it. Poor me...