Monday, February 20, 2012


No, not making a living yet, but I can see that it is possible to accomplish... Last year in May, I gave myself 10 years to make it as a writer, since by then my savings would run out no matter how carefully I used it. 

In my secret heart, I thought it would be a year and a half before I would be able to supplement my fixed income to the degree I would not have to use my savings for living expenses. I now think this second, "secret heart" goal is a distinct possibility.  Look at the chart. Those are real numbers and not wishes.

In three and a half years, at "a certain age" no less, I have transformed myself into a different and viable creature. Sure, I have worked a lot, but in my secret heart again, only about half as hard as I am capable of working. I've also had a lot of fun and met some super people. 

All that new-age crap about affirmation and positive thinking making your dreams come true is just so much hot air to sell books and DVD's to insecure and gullible people.  Hard work is the only way to accomplish anything, but I do not discount the role fortune plays. Capricious old fortune... 

I have been lucky. Born white and male in a unionized working-class family in North America, educated by a system that worked (particularly at my beloved small liberal arts college), healthy, and reasonably sane, it really is hard to fail even now during Depression #2. Almost all of my good fortune has been as a result of luck with a little hard work thrown on top. If I were not an atheist, I would thank god for the dumb good luck that came from just being born into the right time and place. "Positive thinking," "willing," "affirmation," "intent" or whatever the New Age Whacks are calling their snake oil these days, had nothing to do with my nascent success.

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