Tuesday, December 6, 2011


There was a time when I thought I might get rich writing.  Later, I thought I might earn a living at it. Later still, I imagined my writing would be a good supplement to my income. Now, as a bleak and rainy autumn turns into bleak and snowy winter here in rural Canada, I think I might go broke supporting my writing habit.

It doesn't matter. No, it really doesn't.

I will not go broke because some idiot agent refused to rep me or some idiot editor refused to publish me or some idiot marketing manager refused to put any money behind marketing my book.  I will go broke because I have TRIED my best--in writing, editing, and most of all in marketing--wrasslin' with the enemy of all new authors: anonymity. (I can't find the key on my Mac to put devil horns over a word.)

I am DOING something about my fate.  I am not moping around my studio waiting for an e mail or the phone to ring.  I am learning new sales tactics and marketing strategies every day. There is a community of new or newish e-book authors out there in the electronic world who are willing to share hints and tips on blogs every day of the week. There is always something new to learn. Fighting is a far better way to die than withering away waiting.

Being powerless is my greatest fear. Being powerless in prison or  a hospital or nursing home, is my greatest fear, aside from being in intractable pain. Not having any (or much) say in my future success as a writer is not a path I could long tread. Paper publishing is that path of powerlessness.

E-publishing is the path of power, if perhaps, in the end, just as risky and unrewarding as paper publishing. No matter...  I get fresh hope with every strategy I try--every author blog I read.  And e books and audiobooks just sit there for years in cyberspace, waiting to be discovered. It is like a young actress being able to stand at Hollywood and Vine in front  of Schwab's Drug Store 24/7 for years on end, waiting for the apocryphal Hollywood director to come along and cast her as a star.

"Golly gee! I hope the seams in my stockings are straight when he comes along."

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  1. No, I am not commenting on my own post. I am reposting Carrie's words from Facebook, because she had technical difficulty posting them here.

    Carrie Elaine Chapple: The words wrap around my tongue, tangy with just a hint of smoke and yes, a rich overlay of cognac as well. The words are toothsome, delctable to the imagination, satisfying to this equally hungered writer, for whom your writer's voice is a wondrous buffet for my starving palate . . .