Thursday, November 24, 2011


I will be celebrating your Thanksgiving with my former countrymen tomorrow at the step-inlaw's-one-removed place in Tampa. Although from the looks of it, Floridians have little to celebrate. 

I received a passionate and extremely detailed and accurate Marxist analysis of the current state of the so-called capitalism in this country from the dis,dat, dem, dese and dose cracker-accented grease monkey who was fixing Karen’s car. He has owned the same shop in the same location since 1986 and has a work ethic that rivals that of any Japanese salary man. He had his $110K house re-possessed by the bank to which he had already paid 90K in mortgage payments--a house he had lovingly landscaped and renovated. His payment ballooned and he missed a few because of a cash crunch in his business, (some machinery broke and the bank had no money to lend him to buy replacement machines so he could support himself.)  The house is now for sale at 55K and he has raised the money  to buy it from the bank, but they will not sell to him. He is sure the bank will sell the house eventually for less than 55K to someone else.

He say there is only one bank in the world now and they own every government in the world--just buying elections. He says the US no longer makes things since they shipped all the jobs offshore and is printing fake money and passing it around in circles. He says ya gotta make real things you can hold in your hand that people actually need or you’re just a bunch of fakes playing with fake money. He told me there is nothing that can be done anymore. He's gonna buy a little trailer and a shotgun and move outside the city. He has been betrayed and is more sad than mad.

The Marxist grease monkey had Rush Limbaugh blaring on the waiting room radio. There is no Left and Right any longer, just those who are right about having nothing left. The "us and them" is not Republican and Dem when you're working 70 hours a week and homeless. 

He’s thinking of joining the Occupy movement, but can't take the time off work.

What in the hell happened here? The rats have taken over the body politic and are eating it from the inside. 

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