Saturday, November 19, 2011


I have just published a booklet on child photography. See above. It costs 99 cents on Kindle and I anticipate it should be a good seller, if only for the humor in it.  BUY  IT AT THIS LINK: Buy HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH CHILDREN

Doing this booklet was fun and easy, and I learned  new skills by reading the book by Kate Harper that I pitched in my previous blog.  In only 18 hours of solid work, I have designed an article for Kindle by hand. Writing, copy editing, proofreading, cover design, blurb writing, internal TOC linking, external hot-linking, image insertion, hidden bookmarking, MOBI formatting....  All in just 18 hours... And it looks totally pro on my Kindle. Perfect in fact... Well, still two typos... but...

Doing this booklet was a fun and easy break from writing fiction, which was starting to seem like work. I can't wait to do another article soon. I am casting about for a topic on which I know more than most people and I am coming up almost blank in terms of being able to keep it to 4 to 6 thousand words. I could do an article on family photography, but that would be more than 6000 words, more like a whole  book.

The idea I am toying with now as the topic for a second article is a humorous piece written ostensibly as a  consumer review of sexual devices. UNDER A PEN NAME! Stay tuned for the first article by Randy Rokhardt.

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  1. Thanks for the information. I am happy to know that the articles are so easliy engineered. I, of all people, look forward to the next one.