Monday, November 21, 2011


Instead of getting my head into writing the third novella in the Max and Molly Murder Mystery Series, which is my "job", I am dreaming of the next big two-year literary fiction project--a novel involving four historical, now dead,  icons of American music set in a plausible but fictional scenario. They are on a trip down the Mississippi River on Highway 61 that will end in New Orleans at Mardi Gras, where a serial killer is at work during Mardi Gras week hacking up members of the gay community.

I have enough research to know that all the events could have happened in the places and at the times the characters inhabit in the story line. I think, despite my ability to do research at the touch of a button on the Internet, that the project will involve another trip for me down the Mississippi to New Orleans, and my reading few dozen books on the characters and a few more on music of that era in general.

Oh, yes, writing this blog is also a distraction from my "job".  Maybe I had better stop.

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